Joseph Afework

During the day you can find me at Wag!, where I serve as the iOS engineering manager. I have worked as a mobile engineer for the last 8 years and I have several self-published applications in the appstore. Previously, I worked for Cirruspath Inc. At Cirruspath, I served as the Director of Mobile Development and contributed to Cirrus Insight for iOS. Cirrus Insight is an email client with an integration to Salesforce. Cirrus Insight also works on Android, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Outlook.

I hold a bachelors (2013) and masters (in progress… 2018) in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State Univesity, Pomona, California. I am also a part-time lecturer in the Computer Science dept at Cal Poly Pomona.

I primarily work on research in cybersecurity and education. You can find me at WWDC, DEFCON, and SCALE. If you see me feel free to say hello.

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